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Total Management Services

Everyone wants to save money!  Even more, we all want less headache…  TechLab operates our own Remote Management & Maintenance system to help provide both.
What It Is:  The RMM tool, installed by a technician at the time of service or by our client, allows Westside Technologies to monitor for events that indicate a likely failure of your computer in the near future.  This monitoring covers 24 different hardware parameters and multiple software issues, such as:
    • Hard drive pending failure
    • Fans inside your unit not operating properly
    • Over-temperature issues
    • Excessive CPU and memory consumption
    • Operating system not properly updated, corruption issues, improper operation
    • Software not updated, or not updated properly
    • Virus and Malware software status, as well as notification of virus/malware attacks
In addition, our package installs:
    • Remote Access software that allows us to connect with you to solve problems proactively
    • The absolute best anti-virus / anti-malware software available to the commercial sector
    • Optional cloud-based backup with revisioning and encryption
At Westside, we receive an alert that details the problem and, based on the type of alert, allows us to take action to preserve your data, mitigate damage, and save us time – and you, money.
Our RMM is thoroughly secured and encrypted, proven, and tested to ensure we’re providing real value to our clients – and saving our own time on service calls in the field, whenever possible.
In addition, we provide additional “wrapped services” that are monitored as well – this includes the amazing antivirus/anti-malware package Webroot Business Professional that blows every other A/V and Malware package off the map, and optional off-site redundant backup with revisioning, so your data is always secure.
Finally, our package allows us to remotely connect with you to solve problems we see, or to support you when you have questions, add a new device, or need other support.  It’s like having your own IT department on call.
What It All Means:  If you’ve been a client of Westside Technologies, or spent time talking with us, you know that making money isn’t our primary goal here.  We enjoy challenge and problem solving.  If we make a recommendation it is because we’ve tested the solution thoroughly and believe in that solution.  Reducing the amount of time required to achieve our goals is very important to us.  Don’t believe me?  We kicked the major cellular provider out of our store and quit selling their product because of their poor treatment of our customers and attempts to undermine our credibility!
If you’re not a client and you’re interested in this level of service, please call us to schedule a consultation and to discuss options and pricing:  360-637-8047